Wear Your Birthstone Right

Birthstone jewels are known to have the power of casting away and bringing good luck to people. Over the years, wearing a birthstone jewelry has increased as the number of people believing in it have increased over a wide scale. Though this is not quite scientific, it has been seen that for many, birthstone jewels bring a lot of good luck or perhaps since they believe in it, any good luck that comes to them is believed to be brought by these jewels. Nowadays, many fashionable people prefer it to wear it in the form of jewelry instead of wearing the stone with a thread that might look traditional. Not only that, this also looks very trendy and thus the demand for birthstone jewelry have increased over the years. In case you are not sure about which jewelry would suit you, here is a list of items that you can try it out for yourself from online shopping stores-

1. Awareness necklace- this is indeed one of the best gifts that you can think of gifting to your loved ones. Apart from the birthstone, this necklace has a note hanging as a pendant that reads, “your are brave than you think”. Having this hooked to you all the time gives you the courage to do anything and everything and this is essentially the best way to boost one’s self esteem. Apart from that it has the birthstone which is also known to have a lot of power and potential in it. This necklace gives a very unique look altogether because you would rarely find a necklace with notes similar to this. You can choose the appropriate birthstone depending on the birth month of the person concerned. Packed in a lovely gift box, this can indeed be a great gift either to you or someone else.

2. “Love of crystal” pendant- this pendant comprises of a lustrous birthstone accompanied by a tiny heart. This looks very simple yet elegant and evidently this is the most appropriate gift for your loved one on any occasion. There is a lot more about this pendant, the heart and the birthstone are hooked to a sleek sterling silver chain that makes it look even more beautiful. You also get it in all the variety of birthstones and can thus choose the appropriate one for your love. There is also a very simple refund policy if you do not like the quality or the necklace altogether. The entire money you paid is refunded to you if you return it within 30 days. This is definitely a good and a trendy choice.

3. Living memory lockets- this is the most diverse of its kind. It comprises of one huge central living memory locket pendant with a birthstone and a back plate. Thus, here is a three combination that you can get by buying one necklace and it is good enough to serve your purpose. If you like something gorgeous, this is definitely one of the best deals for you. Moreover, this is big enough to attract everyone’s attention and you can slay it by wearing this necklace around your neck. The variety inside the pendant is remarkable indeed and since it comprises only of a very sleek chain apart from this, it is the pendant who attracts all the attention. This is an excellent gift too. Since it comes with a non allergic guarantee, it can be used by everyone and this is yet another benefit of wearing this necklace. Even if you are unable to wear anything apart from gold or silver jewelries, you can wear this undoubtedly and this is guaranteed. There is another interesting guarantee that comes with this necklace. You will be provided with a no fade guarantee which is undoubtedly essential when it comes to metallic commodities. Thus, no matter how much you wear it, this is never going to fade.

4. Tree of life birthstone necklace- this is a tree engraved pendant with birthstones placed as the fruits of the tree. You can simply wear your birthstone or wear a combination of various stones that are lucky for you. This necklace is indeed a thoughtful one and looks extremely fashionable yet not very gorgeous. Once you wear a combination of stones, it helps you to match with any dress that you wear for any occasion. This is again a huge benefit. Overall, if you do not want to restrict yourself to one particular kind of stone only, this is the best choice for a necklace.

5. Charm necklace- charm bracelets are the trend now. This not only helps to cast away evils but charm bracelets are known to bring a lot of good charm to the people. Thus, came the concept of charm necklaces which is similar to charm bracelets. These do not comprise of a single pendant but more of it. You can choose a variety of charm necklaces that you feel would be suitable for you. It is not always mandatory that you need to believe in it, you can give it a try in general because it is trendy and fashionable.

6. Birthstone wedding rings- couples often prefer gifting each other birthstone rings on their engagement instead of fancy rings. This is definitely a symbol of love and good luck at the same time. Buying birthstone wedding rings is definitely a good option because it is still very uncommon. These rings look extremely elegant studded with two birthstone jewels. Another important point to note is that these rings are made of authentic sterling silver and thus you need not worry about the quality. Since these are adjustable rings, it is very beneficial and you need not buy it with a specific size or measurement. You can adjust it and wear it on any finger you wish.

7. Heart necklace- this comprises of a central sleek and tiny heart with a sleek cable. This necklace is definitely one of the simplest but very attractive. The heart comprises of your birthstone and you can wear it all the time, everywhere. However there is one major problem with this item, one must make sure that it does not get wet. You also need to take care that the pendant does not suffer scratches because then it is difficult to remove them.

8. Aurora amethyst necklace-this is one of the most gorgeous and uncommon jewelry that you can wear. This is a necklace with a pendant that comprises of a lustrous amethyst. The pendant is surrounded by a concentric sphere studded with sparkling stones that adds to the beauty of the necklace. Overall this one is one of the most gorgeous choice that you can make.

9. Rose necklace pendant- this is again a very unique design of a pendant. It comprises of a rose shaped pendant with a birthstone placed at the bottom. This is not only unique but also extremely innovative. This is a perfect gift for your lady love because almost every girl is fond of pendants. On one hand you are giving a sculpted rose pendant with her birthstone which is bound to bring good luck to her. Nothing can be a better gift than this. This necklace can make anyone the diva of the occasion.

10. Stainless steel charm necklace- if you are fond of thick necklaces with a very heavy design or a thick cable, this should be your choice. These necklaces comprise of

one single pendant with a stainless steel chain. The design of the pendant is indeed a unique one. The necklace comprises of a spherical pendant that is studded with your birthstone instead of the typical mainstream pendants that we see. The design is attractive enough and is sure to boost up your self confidence once you wear it because of its determining look. It is thus, a very simple yet attractive jewelry to wear. Since most of the chain is very simple, you can pair it up with any dress of your choice for any occasion.

Overall birthstone jewels are a best to gift to your closed ones these days. Even if you do not believe in it completely, it is quite fashionable and the trend of wearing of birthstone jewelries has increased quite a lot. If you are not sure which is your lucky stone or birthstone you can simply search it with your birth month and you would know which stone you should wear. You also need not worry about the price because especially in online stores you are provided with attractive discounts all over the year on birthstone jewelries and this is helpful indeed. It is however always better to check the reviews of every jewelry before placing an order so that you are saved from making a wrong choice. Reviews also help you to choose the correct style for you. In case you want to gift it to someone, make sure you order for jewelries that have a guarantee and you can get a refund in case of any problem or defect in the jewelry.

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