Top 10 Emerald Jewelries You Can Buy For Your Loved Ones

If you are a jewelry freak, you know that jewelry would be the first thing that you would want to receive as gifts in any occasion. Similarly, you also probably love to gift jewelry to your loved ones. Over the years the demand for emerald jewelry has increased by a great extent because of its exciting designs. Emerald, as we all know apart from being a luck birthstone, is also a very attractive gem that is often preferred by ladies as it suits every occasion. Nowadays, you can get innumerable designs and types of jewelry in various online shopping sites like Amazon. Thus you do not need to go to different shops. Even if it is not available in shops in your locality or even in your city, online shopping sites take the responsibility of shipping it to your destination. Here is a list of new designs that would help you to choose the perfect jewelry for you or your loved ones.

1. Birth month crystal bracelet- this is a very sleek designed bracelet in the form of a bangle. It is made of a lustrous silver coating over brass and the luster adds to the beauty of the bangle. This is essentially one of the simplest yet a very trendy jewelry that you can gift to your loved ones for any occasion. There is also a unique quality present in this bangle. This is made from recycled metals which is very nature-friendly. Overall this gift is a pocket-friendly one yet is gorgeous and this gift would definitely be one of the best gifts the person concerned has ever received. This piece of love and growth is also a great gift for you too and you can buy it for any occasion and wear it with all types of dresses.

2. Opal studded emerald ring- this ring is gain another unique of its kind. It is studded with opal, a multicolored stone which is considered to be lucky for all the people in general. This is because through this stone is primarily bluish-green in color, it is said to have all the virtues present in all other stones and thus it is lucky in totality. This ring is special even more because it also comprises of studded emeralds that add to the beauty of the ring. This is undoubtedly the unique rings one can ever gift to their loved ones. This rhodium ring also plays a significant ring in preventing the ring from being tarnished.

3. Wedding band engagement ring- if you do not want to give your future husband a very mainstream engagement ring, this is what you are looking for. This is a very cool and trendy looking perfectly fitted engagement ring in the form of a rectangular band. This comprises of rectangular emeralds studded on a solid sterling silver ring, prominent enough to attract anyone’s attraction. This is definitely one thing that you love can flaunt in front of everyone. You can be absolutely sure of the quality of the ring as it has a one year warranty. This, though a very pocket-friendly gift, is a unique gift and you will always remain special by gifting something special to your would-be husband.

4. Emerald Celtic cross necklace- be it an anniversary or a birthday party, this gift suits every occasion. This is simple yet gorgeous. This is just a simple chain with a pendant. The cross-shaped pendant is studded with emeralds giving it a luster, enough to make your loved one the diva of any party. This cross necklace is a rhodium plated necklace that prevents to color of the necklace from fading and the person can wear it for a long time without worrying about its color at all.

5. Birthstone pendant necklace- this necklace comprises of a pendant with a centrally located lustrous emerald adding to the beauty of the stone. This necklace is guaranteed lead and cadmium free and takes great efforts to ensure a superior quality of the necklace. You

need not worry about its quality at all because there is not only a warranty, but there is also a hassle free cash back policy in case you are not satisfied with the quality of the product. Overall, this is a really good option if you want to give your loved one something precious and unique at the same time.

6. Flower pendant necklace- this is one of the simplest of its own kind. This is just a cable chain with a flower shaped pendant at the centre. The flower is studded with tiny emeralds that eventually add to the beauty of the necklace. These tiny emerald, make the flower shine attracting everyone’s attention towards the pendant. This pendant can be worn at any occasion or even at home because of its simple design. If you are fond of less yet trendy jewelries, this is sure to attract you the most.

7. Oval cut tennis bracelet- this is a really elegant gift that you can give your loved ones. This is an infinity shaped bracelet with alternating emeralds and the sterling silver design that adds to the beauty of the bracelet. This is indeed a very elaborate design that is made for a gorgeous occasion; say a wedding or an anniversary party. One does not require wearing anything more with this because this bracelet is so gorgeous and splendid itself. This is an environment friendly brass bracelet plated with 18k carat gold and this is indeed of a superior quality. If you are gifting this to someone you can be absolutely sure of its quality.

8. White rhodium plated ring- this is indeed a very unique ring because of its unique white color. This ring is studded with three differently sized emeralds the largest being at the center. These rings are held in place with intricate and explicit designs that make it look even more gorgeous and sophisticated at the same time. there is also an easy return policy which is absolutely hassle fee. In case you are not satisfied with the product quality you can always claim for a refund and refund is guaranteed in most genuine cases. This is indeed a good gift because this comes in a well designed velvet pouch that is quite presentable and is apt for gifting purposes. This is also not very expensive as compared to the intricacies and can be easily gifted on any occasion.

9. Half eternity weave knot rings- this is one of the most beautiful ornaments that you can give to your loved ones. This comprises of several sleek rings agglomerated into one ring. It can be understood as a criss-cross of many rings each ring studded with emeralds or other gems that give the ring an immense luster. This is essentially a gift that your loved one would remember for a lifetime. She can flaunt it in every occasion and this ring alone is gorgeous and unique enough to make her the sole attraction of the party.

10. Pear shaped pendant- this is a simple necklace that has a pear shaped pendant at the centre. This pendant is a large central emerald that takes the shape of a pear. This pendant is definitely a great example of amazing craftsmanship. The pear is held in place with intricate silver designs that make it look even more impressive. This is indeed a wonderful gift that you could think of giving to your loved ones. There is also another interesting feature about this, it is not at all expensive and extremely pocket friendly. Thus, this forest hued pendant is indeed a unique gift.

Thus we see that there are innumerable ornaments studded with emeralds that you can either buy for yourself or gift it to your loved ones. Most of these jewelries are a favorite among jewelry freaks and are highly rated. The ones who are new in buying jewelries from online shopping stores are suggested to check the customer reviews of the product that throw light on the product quality to a great extent. One should always look for an item that has warranty, cash back or return

policies. This helps you to return items in case they do not satisfy you from any angle. It is based on these key points that you should look for ornaments for gifting purposes. Remember you should be extra careful about the quality and longevity of the product since you are gifting it to someone else. Emerald ornaments are definitely a good gift because on one hand it is pocket friendly and on the other hand, it is gorgeous and unique enough to capture the hearts of your loved ones. Buyers and sellers should try to stick to the content given above as these are the most popular and inexpensive ones. Following the guidelines during online shopping of these items would help buyers to get what they exactly need or want at a very affordable price.



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