Top 10 Aquamarine Jewelry You Can Buy For Your Loved Ones

Aquamarine stones are meant to be used by the Aquarius zodiac signs. Since it is sea blue in color, the name is aquamarine. Aquamarine stones were first invented as a lucky charm to Aquarius and were widely used by people.

These stones date back to the Roman Empire when the Romans considered these stones to be sacred and effective in casting away the evil. They were widely used by the people because it was believed to be very powerful. Since then came the concept of aquamarine stones.

Nowadays with people being more fashionable, the use of aquamarine jewelry has increased. This on one hand keeps up the style and on the other hand keeps your lucky charm with you. Aquamarine stone is a crystalline rock which signifies purity. Thus, there are several beliefs related to the power of aquamarine stones.

It was believed that aqua marine stones improved the speech and diction of people. Thus people who used to stammer or were afraid of speaking in public, people were often asked to wear these stones, as this remarkably improved their condition. This also increased the confidence level of people.

It is often heard the ones who wear aquamarine stones have gone through remarkable changes in their lives positively. This can be a great gift for loved ones and here are a few aquamarine jewelries that you could by for gifting others-

1. Birth month Crystal Bangle– if you are buying it online in Amazon or other online stores, you can choose the birth month of the person you want to gift it to. In this case, if you choose March as the birth month, you will get beautifully designed bracelets with aquamarine stones. These are bright in color with a lustrous texture made of brass. Another good feature of this bracelet is that it is made out of recycled methods. So if you strongly believe in recycling things, this is something you should gift. This silvery American product is a symbol of vitality. Pocket pinch-$ 14.

2. Flower Stud Earrings- these come in a shape of a blooming flower with an aquamarine stone at the centre. This gorgeous sterling silver and rhodium plated earrings can be the best gift to a close relative or a friend. People also buy flower necklaces along with this which make it a complete set. This item is available all over India and is an imported item. This is of an absolutely superior quality of aquamarine stone and thus you need not worry of its color fading away etc. pocket pinch- $17.

3. Pendant Necklace- this imported variety necklace comes with one central aquamarine pendant in a high quality sterling silver. This is a good option if you want to keep the stone close to your heart. This necklace is probably one of the best gifts that you could think to give for a birthday party or an anniversary maybe. The beautiful combination of the pendant in a sleek cable chain around the neck gives it a new dimension all together. Though this is a little costly, this would make a rather special gift which both your friend and relative would remember. Pocket pinch- $87.

4. Aquamarine Ring- this is the best gift among lovers. This is a central lustrous aquamarine stone in the form of a ring in a solid sterling silver ring. This ring itself is very gorgeous and does not require additional jewelry. You can wear it always and there is a very strong guarantee. If you notice any defect whatsoever it will be changed. Every item is checked and inspected a number of times before packaging and hence you can be completely sure before ordering it.

5. Pear Cut Pendant Necklace– in this necklace, the stone is in the shape of a pear and its unusual cut makes it more special. The chain with this pendant is also unique and beautiful that gives it a special look. This is white gold plated jewelry and can be the costliest and the best gift that you could give to someone close to you. Pocket pinch $186.

6. Water Droplet PendantРthis pendant is just like a water droplet that comes with a thin chain. This is personally the best design of pendants that I think someone would like to own. The superior quality Swarovski gem makes this entire ornament a little prettier than it could have been. The wave patterned designs on the water droplet would make any women look a little more gorgeous every time she wears it and thus if you are planning to make someone’s birthday special, this should be your choice for a gift. Pocket pinch- $35.

7. Princess Cut Earring– this is a simple stud with one central huge aquamarine stone enough to attract your attention. These studs are highly polished in white gold and can be a best gift for the ones who are not fond of heavy ornaments but want to wear an aquamarine stone. The beautiful cut and polish of the earring is the best part of this ornament. Pocket pinch-$69.

8. Aquamarine Dangle Earrings- suppose the person you want to gift the earring to is not fond of studs particularly, you can always choose this. These are dangling earrings of a single aquamarine stone in each. This is beautiful, unique and sophisticated. This is highly durable and can be used for several years without its color fading at all. Pocket pinch $29.

9. Sterling Silver Ladies Ring- this is not just a simple ring. It has beautiful patterns all over the ring with an aquamarine stone at its centre. This is the perfect gift for professing your love towards your lady in any occasion. This comes beautifully packed in a jewelry box and can easily mesmerize your lady love because of its elegant design. This ring is truly that one thing which every woman would wish to have and thus it can make your gift a little more special. This classic and modern design would definitely make you a little more special to her. Pocket pinch- $29.

10. Lever Back Earrings– these are the most hassle free earrings because it gets locked with a lever at the back and thus, is very easy to use. There is another striking feature about this jewelry. This comes with a 30 days money back guarantee and thus you can be sure of getting back the money in case of any complaints. This 6mm aquamarine earring though simple is quite classy and can make you look gorgeous. This can also serve as a perfect gift.

Aquamarine stones are also considered to be powerful for emotional healing. Be it fear of anything or emotional stress, it is believed that an aquamarine stone cures it all and heals your mental agony if there is any. Thus, people wearing one would feel more relaxed and calm than they were earlier. It is also believed that an aquamarine stone works on the throat chakra. There is another scientific explanation to this, an aquamarine stone kept near the throat region helps in a better blood circulation between the throat and the heart leading to an improvement in the voice quality, speech and diction. There are other astrological beliefs and benefits of this stone. It is believed that this stone maintains a string with the planet Neptune and thus would bless a relationship with love and trust between partners. Thus gifting each other aquamarine bracelets and rings is the trend now. When it comes to relationships, this stone is considered to be sacred and effective and thus is widely used by couples. This stone is also said to be used by women to learn and speak about their desires and qualities which they were unaware of. This stone probably gives them the courage to speak up and even think of what they actually want in life. It helps them to channelize their thoughts aims and goals.

If you are eager to increase your awareness about your surroundings or you want to increase your concentration levels, this is the best stone that you could choose to use or have it with you. Since this stone lets you have a relaxed mentality, this is extremely good for meditation because this helps you in concentrating on one particular thing and get rid of distractions for the time being. Be it forgetting a previous trauma or getting rid of the examination stress aquamarine stone can do wonders. There are people who have witnessed a significant change in their personality soon after they have started wearing an aquamarine stone. They have become selfless, conscious and aware of their surroundings caring and also intelligent. If you are planning to gift an aquamarine jewelry, this is definitely one of the most perfect choices you are making. They come in numerous designs patterns in various combinations. These look the best in silver or sterling silver because the luster of both the metal and the stone make it look prettier. Not only for its benefits and powers, wearing an aquamarine is a great fashion these days.

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