Purity Rings – That all you should know

The concept of purity rings dates back to the 1990s in America and was primarily used by the Christian affiliated abstinence groups. Since then, these rings started to be used for people who want to religiously practice abstinence until one’s marriage. This has innumerable implications. Purity rings are worn by people who want to recognize that there is a lot more than a sexual bonding in any relationship. Such people recognize that it is more about matching the mental frequencies and a lot of other things like tastes and their understanding of each other that is more important than a sexual relationship. Further, since one cannot guarantee that they would marry the person they are presently in love with, they consider it safer to have sex after their marriage only. There might be various others too. A few consider that purity rings help one to prevent sexually transmitted diseases that might often occur if you are not having sex the right way. Some say that purity rings are also effective in preventing pregnancy which is definitely a huge benefit for people who are of a young age. Here is a list of the various kinds of purity rings that you can get based on your choice and requirements.

1. Sterling silver knot ring- Sterling silver knot ring comprises of 92.5% of original silver and this is definitely a top choice if you are planning to buy it. If you buy it from online stores, it might take some shipping time, but, your item will be of a superior quality with a remarkable packaging. Though the items are very well inspected before shipping, there is an easy return policy and you can return it as soon as it does not satisfy your taste. In case you do not want the item at all, there is an easy refund policy to help you out too. Thus, this is quite a good choice for a purity ring. Price- 8$.

2. White stainless steel zirconia ring- these rings are one of the most fashionable among purity rings. It has gems which are made of an April born. Though the price is not much, you get to flaunt a very trendy design with a comfortably fitted ring on your finger. These are superior quality gems and come in a stackable ring style which is not only uncommon but also quite good looking. Price- depends on the size, within 14$.

3. Rose gold plated rings- this is one of the most uncommon and beautiful rings because of its majestic color and design. The material itself is very uncommon and rarely available. This is a perfect ring that signifies love, promise etc. it can easily match with your costume and this is thus, one of the best choices that one can make. If you are buying it online, you also get a chance to return it within 10 days and replace it with so e other ring or you can simply get a refund. Price- 15$.

4. Titanium black purity rings- the first interesting feature about this ring is that it can be worn by both men and women. If you are buying it from sites like Amazon, it guarantees you authentic titanium with a very comfortable design and perfect fittings. You will get innumerable designs for both men and women and you can choose them as per your own choice. You will also get a 100% cash back offer in case you do not like the item or have acceptable and considerable problems with the items within 30 days. Overall, this is a splendid choice. Price- 8$ starting.

5. Sterling silver heart ring– with a centrally placed heart of the ring, this is definitely a unique choice. This ring is made of solid sterling silver and thus this is essentially a very good deal. What’s more? You can get the centrally located heart in all the colors that you can think of and thus you can wear the ring with a heart of your favorite color. This ring is seen to have a huge demand all over the online shopping apps and the cost in a way depends on the color of the heart that you choose and also the size of the ring. Price- 10$.

6. Zirconia crown tiara band ring– this is one of the most splendid looking rings that one can buy. This is shaped just like a tiara that you wear on your forehead and it will make you feel just like a princess because of its design. This is also the cheapest ring that is available. The ring is rhodium plated that gives it a surprising luster and the design is definitely one to crave for. You get a variety of designs of the crowns that you want your ring to be of and it is made of solid sterling silver. Price- 4$.

7. Infinity crisscross ring- this ring is very simple yet very elegant. It is like wearing two rings at the same time that would give you the criss-cross effect. These rings are customized with“true love” writing on all of its size. These rings have a remarkable shine that comes because of the sterling silver. The velvety approach of the ring is yet another thing that attracts more and more customers over time. you can also choose a number of styles and designs for your criss-cross ring and you will never be let down. Price- 23$.

8. Heart cubic zirconia ring- this is ring is also another very simple of its kind. It is a solid sterling silver ring with a sleek ring at its center. The ring, as well as the design on it, is simple yet quite attractive. You can also choose the design of the heart placed at the center of the ring. This is a perfect choice for the ones who are not interested in gorgeous designs and want to keep it simple. With a money back guarantee, these rings are quite cheap and available for around 12$.

9. Stainless steel Christian purity rings– this is essential;;y customized for Christians as it contains a block of solid sterling silver with cross designs all over it. Though this is a unisex ring, it is mainly meant for the men. The bold design and the entire structure of the ring is slightly masculine and is definitely a wonderful gift at a relatively cheap price.

10. Diamond sterling silver rings- just like the heart shaped ring, there are diamond shaped rings too. This comprises of a centrally located diamond crystal with a simple ring made of a solid sterling silver.

Thus, we see that the purity rings are not quite expensive and in case you need to wear one, you can easily get it easily from online shopping stores. There is however a lot of controversy about the power of such rings and whether it can actually prevent pregnancy or not. However, wearing this ring is dependent on your belief in it at large. In case you want to know more about the utility of such rings, there are a number of tutorials available which can give you a more concentrated knowledge on the sue and power of purity rings. Though these rings were used by Christians early in the 1990s the concept has diversified and is now being used by a number of people irrespective of their religious community. it is true indeed, since 1990s the

concept of wearing purity rings have extended to various societies as a result of which we have innumerable designs and styles of purity rings that people can wear. Who actually wears a purity ring nowadays? Why do people wear them? What does it mean? There are a lot of questions that go through people’s mind when they see it, especially young men. It has been seen that men are questioned more about purity rings than the women. The definition of a purity ring really does not have any universal meaning. It has various implications for various people. When one looks closer at a purity ring, one notices that the idea and the designs revolve around the waiting for true love and also living a pure life. Though the specific phrases and designs vary, purity rings symbolize that commitment to stay pure until marriage that is to refrain from sexual activity. A purity ring symbolizes promising oneself of leading a pure life rather than promising anyone else. These rings often have a rich religious value. People who wear purity rings often commit themselves to leading a pure life before marriage primarily because they want to serve God. The most common way to wear a purity ring is on your left ring finger, which eventually bears your engagement ring. This has a wider implication. Wearing it on the left ring finger means keeping the finger reserved until you get married and wear your engagement ring. This ring is a way of keeping oneself pure before marriage until one wears the engagement ring.

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